"Worlde Famous" - persons and powers of influence in the realms

"The Dark Tide of Lucifer "

a story of wickedness and ambition


Rising Evil

Lucifer was born a male Drow in the K’Ilisek clan, a noble family of the dark elven underworld realm of Menzoberranzan. In his youth he attended and showed exceptional talents at the martial fighting academy and at the school of sorcery, where he excelled at the vicious and subtle intrigues of that society and was a dominant figure among the youth of the city. At the age of maturity Lucifer left Menzoberranzan and began an adventuring career in the wilderness of the World-spine Mountains. From the start he coveted magic items, seeking power and influence by collecting magically imbued equipment and weapons. He ruthlessly pursued power at any cost; leading various bands of monstrous and villainous characters on blood soaked missions into hazardous even deadly situations to add to his collection of magic.

Midway in his career Lucifer learned of the existence of certain unique objects that contained tiny holes in the universe, globes of anti-matter called the Spheres of Annihilation. Following exhaustive research and preparation, Lucifer lead a company of villains into the blasted lands of a Lich named Allokair and after many trials they wrestled his crown from him with the timely aid of some Githyanki allies. The spiked Crown of Allokiar was imbued with the unique power to control a Sphere of Annihilation. Then Lucifer led his followers into the infinite reaches of the outer planes to enter Nirvana, the planar realm of ultimate law and order. There they sought a sacred temple, overcame a host of guardians, and eventually confronted a singular power, a Modron of Nirvana’s ruling order, they murdered the Secondus and found their prize in its alter. Lucifer walked from the conquered temple wielding a Sphere of Annihilation and wearing the Crown to control it.

Storm of Chaos

Seeking to further his personal power Lucifer journeyed to Ravenloft Castle, there he met and swore an oath of service to Count Strahd, the master vampire and lord of a dark domain. The service lasted but a short time, for Lucifer courted the undead lord so that he might gain power through the curse of vampirism and once he attained his goal he gathered powerful allies to betray and slay his former master.

Lolth, the dark goddess of the Drow also had claim upon Lucifer and used him to further her own foul schemes, eventually Lucifer betrayed his goddess and earned her hatred and enmity. Lolth’s minions now seek the head of Lucifer with fanatical zeal.

Lucifer the Vampire Raver amassed more power, spreading death and destruction in his wake, and earning the attention of the forces of good in the realm. Soon Knights of Omic, the Paladin God, stood in opposition to his growing influence. His leadership was countered by a powerful white knight named Sir Jude Procas and the Grand Cathedral of Light he had built in the World-spine Mountains. Vowing to topple the vampire lord and his villainous companions they managed to thwart Lucifer’s plans and aroused his anger. Thus began a far-reaching war of power waged through the World-spine Mountains between the Knights of Omic and Lucifer’s nefarious, chaotic, group of followers; rogue demons, monstrous creatures, and anti-heroes eager to conquer the Worlde. These two factions battled throughout the region, and although the holy Cathedral withstood and repelled the many attacks by Lucifer and company, the forces of Light were unable to slay the vampire lord.

Withdrawing Tide

Lucifer had other matters in mind as he turned his attention to the dwarven homeland in the Iron Mountains. He had been granted a wish from a diabolic ally and used it to create an unholy weapon; a vorpal battle-sword of formidable evil. It was forged by a dwarven metal-smith; a master artisan cursed and possessed by the will of the ancient Witch- King of Akkglamar. The power of Lucifer’s wish reached back in time and caused the chain of events to occur and so the weapon was created.

To gain the wicked sword Lucifer had to penetrate deep into the heart of the dwarven stone-delve city of Gorn, and reach the forge of the master smith to claim his prize. Wielding a necromantic talisman named the Horn of Animation, Lucifer descended from the World-spine Mountains, gathering an army of undead as he traveled. As Lucifer approached the Iron Mountains his rotting horde of undead was confronted by an army of Dwarves and after a lengthy battle the hordes of undead overcame the dwarven defenders and the piled dead added to the ranks of Lucifer’s horde.

Frustrated by the slow progress and hungry for the Witch-sword, Lucifer abandoned his undead horde and plotting with his allies he learned the exact location of his prize. He summoned a powerful demon and tricked it into the warded vault housing the wicked blade, the demon was slain by the protective spells around the sword, but the path was cleared for Lucifer to teleport there himself and finally lay hands upon the Witch-Sword.

Lucifer left the dwarves of Gorn in shattered disarray, his undead army still standing at the border of the Iron Mountains awaiting his command, his villainous band of followers without leadership and cohesion, and his many enemies anxiously seeking his whereabouts. He’d become a juggernaut of magical equipment, a wizard-warrior of epic skill, and a historic villain, a force of mayhem and death across much of the World-spine Mountains and beyond. Lucifer left the Worlde and passed beyond the knowledge of man, no sign of the evil drow warlord has been seen in many years though some prophesize of his return and the destruction of the realms beneath a dark tide of evil.

"Worlde Famous" - persons and powers of influence in the realms

Arch Lich, Warlock Lord, & Master Theomaturge


Early Years

A youth of physical prowess, commanding presence, and mental sharpness, Mortador was raised in a workingman’s household, not far from the city. Early in life his sharp mind grasped the idea that the path to real power was through the study and use of magic and so he apprenticed to a local wizard and began his career. Driven by his vast intelligence and ambition, he soon reached the limit of his master’s abilities and left to pursue power and knowledge in the world beyond. Mortador traveled with many adventuring bands and grew in his knowledge and skill as a magic user.

The Turning Point

Seeking treasure and glory with a group of adventurers, Mortador entered the cursed ancient pyramids and labyrinthine dungeons beneath the Desert of Desolation. There the young wizard, and his companions overcame a host of undead creatures, fought fiends of the abyss, survived a twisted assortment of deadly traps, and finally entered the lair of the undead master, the lord of the desert necropolis. The adventurers fought and vanquished the Lich and his minions then plundered the vast treasures of the pyramids. Mortador found there two artifacts of ancient evil; the Eye and the Hand of Vecna, cursed organs, the remains of an evil demi-god, the mighty lich lord named Vecna. His lust for power overcame his reason and Mortador, raving mad, severed his own arm and gouged out his own eye that he could acquire the powers of that dead lich lord.

The Ascension

Mortador became a creature of evil in the land; his callous nature and cold ambition easily succumbed to the malevolent power of the dead eye and skeletal hand he had grafted to his own body. Evil, all consuming ambition, a driven Mortador built a tower in the wilderness and enslaved the tribes of orcs and goblins in the region, and there he sought to trade with the powers of the lower planes. Mortador began to harvest souls in exchange for favors and influence with demon princes and the outer lords, he sold his soul and won it back, bartering, cheating, tricking and beating the Devil.

Consumed by ambition, Mortador sought the formula of eternal undeath, the Elixir and Ritual of transformation that changes mortal wizard to undead lich. Learning the secrets of undeath he created a phylactery to house his soul, then he drank the poisons, spoke the most unholy of words, and died. His soul separated and safely housed in a gemstone, his dead body was transformed by the foulest necromancy, black magic infused his remains, and because he was a very powerful wizard with the Eye and Hand of Vecna already fused to his body, Mortador became an Arch-Lich, an undead mage of immense power.

Influence in the Worlde

Now a vast shadow-cloud drifts across the land, a mile high, boiling black pillar of darkness moving through the sky. At the center of this cloud of darkness floats a horrific mansion, an elaborite, many-towered palace of dark stone and fire. Mortador’s Mansion, his lair, travels through the world, slowly floating over the land and leaving a trail of darkness and death in its wake.

The Arch-Lich is said to host a council of lich-lords gathered from many lands, that great and malevolent entities frequently visit his mansion, and that his evil grasp is felt on many worlds beyond our own, such is his formidable power and influence. Mortador the Arch-Lich is consumed by his hunger for power and seeks now to become divine, to become a god of darkness and despair.

"Worlde Famous" - persons and powers of influence in the realms

The Imperial Sentinels

Epic knights -personal guard of the Emperor



A corps of super-elite knights that guard and protect the Emperor, his family and the Palace. The Imperial Sentinels seem part of the Palace itself, as they stand at station their motionless, silent presence is ever watchful and unrelenting. Rarely seen on the battlefield, these mighty knights lead no armies, they seldom travel, and their armored companies train and barrack in the city itself. Their existence and expertise is totally dedicated to protecting the court of the Emperor, and they never deviate from that duty.

The majority of the Imperial Sentinels guard and patrol the Palace on foot, but a select few serve as dragon riders. A wing of 10 Silver Dragons and their chosen riders form the unit called the Cadre Draconus, they serve as the airborne arm of the Imperial Sentinels. The sight of a Silver Dragon and Sentinel patrolling the skies over Argent City is not unusual, though they are aloof and rarely interfere in the city below. The daily crime and violence in Argent is the jurisdiction of others.



There are approximately 300 knights, officers, and support personal in the Imperial Sentinels. The active knights are organized into three companies;

The Imperium Primus is the largest company, consisting of 150 Sentinels who form the Palace Guard, and normally there are 60 Imperium Primus Sentinels on duty, posted at stations throughout the Palace.

The Personae Contegus are the 30 Imperial Sentinels who guard the Emperor himself. This small company of knights never leaves his presence and normally there are 10 knights with the Emperor wherever he goes.

The Cadre Draconus are those few special Sentinels chosen by one of the Elder Silver Dragons, dragons who have sworn an oath of service to the Empire. There are 10 mounted knights in this company.



Each knight wears the world-renowned armor called the Mantle of the Sentinels. These master crafted, heavy plate mail suits are magically imbued foci of powerful protective energies. The Mantle of the Sentinels can only be worn by members of the Imperial Guard. Each knight is also equipped with a massive shield emblazoned with the crest of the Emperor, and imbued with more powerful defensive spells, and each knight carries a Staff of the Word, a god -crafted artifact of eldritch power. The Imperial Sentinels are likely the most powerfully equipped military unit in the world.

Religion of the Realms - An Introduction - revisited

  • The gods of Argent are many and vary widely in their influence and aspect. The eldest and first god is named Homol; He that created the world then forgot. Homol is recognized though he is not worshipped, he answers no prayers, he has no avatars that deliver his will, and no temples are dedicated to him. He has departed the world he created and no man or god knows where Homol now walks.

  • Those who rule above the immortal pantheon are the three greater gods, beings who wield power and influence surpassing all the other deities and demi-gods recognized by man. Y'Gaz the Despoiler is the eldest, he is darkness and evil incarnate, and he is the original antagonist and the opposer of creation. Worship of Y'Gaz is forbidden in the empire and the punishment for those few wicked or insane people who would practice his loathsome rituals of sacrifice is severe. Though his worship is banned and his worshippers persecuted, there still lurk a few blood soaked temples and shrines to the Despiser in the dark places of the world.

  • The citizens of the empire enjoy the privilege of worshipping the sibling gods Brok and Amphia and all their allied gods. Brok the War-God, Lord of the Contest, is a god who requires no great cathedrals, who is worshipped in many temples dedicated to other gods. Shrines to Brok are found in churches, merchant halls, castles, arenas, and battlefields across the realm. Amphia the Great Mother is fondly embraced by all peoples, her churches are found in small villages and large cities alike. Every house of honest worship holds a alter dedicated to the All-Mother and she has many churches and convents in her name. Amphia and her worshipers bring life, health, and happiness to the world.

  • These are the Greater Gods, the three most influential of the pantheon of gods worshipped in the Empire of Argent. The many Immortal Gods and Lesser Gods within that pantheon are variously aligned and related to the three Greater Gods. The people of the Empire typically recognize and pay homage to the deity appropriate to the occasion and most churches and temples house alters to several gods.

Religion of the Realm - the Pantheon of Gods


Earth Friend, The Land Walker


Deity Title: The Green Man, Mother Nature, Wood Spirit, etc.

Sphere of Control : Nature, storms and weather, the land and the forest Wild animals and natural creatures, farming and harvesting, crafting, hunting, foraging

Deity Alignment : Neutral and Good

Deity Power : Immortal God

Deity Home Plane : Feywild, the Seelie realms

Deity Appearance : Androgynous Fey Lord, and the Voice of the Land

Manifestation : the elements

Avatars : Elementals, The Fey, The Great Stag,

Saints :

Clerical Alignment : disorganized good

Cleric Types : Fey and human, goodly races

Clerical Organization : earth lore wards, druids and hermits, shamans and nature cults, varied individuals,

Temple Size, Location, & Frequency : diverse natural shrines, places of power

Clerical Raiment : woodland garb

Worshiper Armor & Weapons : natural light armor, blunt weapons

Religion of the Realm - the Pantheon of Gods


King of the Seas


Deity Title: Sea King, Storm Lord

Sphere of Control : The rivers, oceans, and the sky, weather and navigation , sailors and travelers, crafters

Deity Alignment : Neutral, Unpredictable

Deity Power : Immortal God

Deity Home Plane :

Deity Appearance : Sea Titan or Dolphin

Manifestation : unpredictable and severe

Avatars : The Kraken, Tsunami, Storm Titan

Saints :

Clerical Alignment : any

Cleric Types : any

Clerical Organization : Many varied orders, Sea Cults, confederations of sea priests, and storm worshipers

Temple Size, Location, & Frequency : common on coastal lands, small chapels, storm worshipers temples

Clerical Raiment : sky colored kilt and cloak, seaman’s tunic, or storm gray robes

Worshiper Armor & Weapons : varied; light armor restriction mostly

Religion of the Realm - the Pantheon of Gods


Lord of Hell


Deity Title: The Devil, Prince of Darkness

Sphere of Control : Hell and all diabolic evil, revenge and hatred, torture and coercion, domination and slavery, ordered use of power

Deity Alignment : Lawful Evil

Deity Power : Immortal God

Deity Home Plane : Hell

Deity Appearance : Handsome Devil, Arch Fiend, or Diabolic Human

Manifestation : subtle manipulations to overt plays of fiendish power

Avatars : the Dukes of Hell

Saints :

Clerical Alignment : mostly evil & non chaotic

Cleric Types : any

Clerical Organization : strictly ordered, merciless bureaucracy, Devil Cults and Diabolic hierarchy

Temple Size, Location, & Frequency : diabolic consecration, unholy temples and bloodstained alters secreted throughout the land

Clerical Raiment : Evil and wicked vestments

Worshiper Armor & Weapons : any armor, unholy weapons